Top 3 Best Mosquito Zapper Reviews 2018

Related imageMany times we want to enjoy our time indoors or outdoors but this is made impossible by mosquitoes. Mosquito zappers ensure that our time outdoors is pleasant and uninterrupted. Bug zappers will effectively eliminate mosquitoes that we would have otherwise been biting us.

Here will go over how electric mosquito killers work, and you can read reviews for the best mosquito zappers .

How Mosquito Zappers Work

When we understand how mosquito zappers work, it becomes very easy to embrace them. They have four main components that make them work efficiently.

These are light bulbs, attractant, wire grid screens, and a transformer. The light bulb and the attractant, will attract mosquitoes into the device. These bulbs mostly use ultraviolet light; insects see this light better than they see normal light and the patterns in the device look more attractive through ultraviolet light.

Once the mosquitoes enter the zapper, the wire grid screens kill them by electrocution. The wire grid is electrified by the transformer, which changes the original 120 volt to about 2,000 volts or more.

Benefits of Using Mosquito Zappers

Compared to other methods of eliminating and repelling mosquitoes, mosquito zappers offer more benefits in that:

  • The mosquito zappers are highly effective; in a single night, one device can lure and kill up to 10,000 mosquitoes.
  • This device will lure and kill not only mosquitoes, but many other flying pests.
  • They do not expose humans to harm as their mode of eliminating mosquitoes is not chemical based.
  • They are odorless, making them comfortable to use for people who are easily irritated by odors.
  • These devices are easy to clean as you simply empty the tray where the electrocuted mosquitoes are held.
  • These devices come ready to use and you do not have to waste time assembling them.

Best Mosquito Zappers Reviews

Flowtron BK-80D Outdoor Electric Mosquito Zapper

flowtron mosquito zapper light

Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer offers coverage of up to 1-1/2 acres. It is highly efficient and has a non clogging killing grid. Its rugged, weatherproof construction ensures that it will not rust, crack or fade. These mosquito zappers have a bulb that is easy to replace. It is cheap to run as it operates for only pennies a day.

Flowtron Diplomat Fly Control Device Outdoor/Indoor

flowtron diplomat mosquito zapper

Flowtron Diplomat Outdoor/Indoor Fly and Insect Control works within a radius of up to 2 acres. It can be easily mounted vertically or horizontally. Flies and other light-sensitive flying insect pests are attracted by the 120 Watt ultraviolet light and eliminated as they fly through the electro statically charged killing grid. Dead insects drop out of sight into a sanitary, removable collection tray. The FC-8800 is designed for either indoor or outdoor use.

Sunbeam Cordless Bug Zapper Outdoor/Indoor

indoor mosquito zapper killer
Sunbeam makes a great cordless rechargeable bug zapper that runs and charges from an included AC adapter. This mosquito zapper has up to ten hours runtime per single charge. It is easy to clean by simply emptying the removable bug tray. This device can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for home, camping, picnics and barbecues. Use it by placing it on a table or by hanging it by its hook.


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Blackberry Bush Tips

সম্পর্কিত ছবি

If you intend to grow a vegetable garden it is a nice idea to consider adding some fruit to your planning. You will find there is nothing easier to grow than a few blackberry bushes.

Next time you’re out on a hike to be on the lookout for them. They’re easy to identify when you know what you are looking for. Their most identifiable feature is the thorns that extend from their branches. It is useful to remember where you have noticed the blackberry bushes in order that you can gather the wonderful fruits which they supply.

The berries typically mature on the plants in late summer. They blossom with perfumed white flowers every spring. Blackberry bushes can be found all over North America and many additional countries with a suitable climate. They yield the best berries if situated in full sun, although it is possible to come across them in shaded spots as well.

Blackberry bushes can typically be found close to raspberry bushes in the wild. Although wild blackberry bushes produce smaller berries than the blackberry bushes you plant from the nursery, the wild berries tend to be tastier. It is very important to watch out for poison ivy which frequently grows in the same areas as blackberry bushes. Poison Ivy rash is the cost that many berry pickers pay when trying to harvest the berries.

The situation of natural blackberry bushes was marked and remembered by the Native Americans in order that they might harvest them each year. They used the berries to eat, but in addition, they used them to dye animal skins to create a richer, darker color.

The early settlers used blackberries to treat a number of ailments. They were particularly useful for respiratory illnesses and coughing. The fruit is also used to produce a richly colored, sweet wine by lots of people that like to produce handmade wines. The general favorite use for these sweet, delicious berries, though, is blackberry jam. Additionally, they produce a delicious pie, if you do not mind the seeds.

If you are thinking of growing blackberries in your garden it is best to grow them along the edge where there is not a great deal of people traffic. This is to prevent being scratched by the sharp, long thorns. The bushes should be pruned after they are done fruiting. They need to be trimmed back to around 18 inches above the ground. This is done to stop them from getting the taller runners that are inclined to have more thorns than berries on them.

If you are going to plant a number of bushes are sure you allow enough space so that you don’t get as scratched when picking the fruits. Regardless of how close the bushes are to each other picking blackberries is a task that calls for wearing a long-sleeved shirt. Blackberry bushes also have an extensive lifespan so you’ll want to consider this when deciding on a location to place them.

Home Composting: Buried Compost

সম্পর্কিত ছবি

As the final article in our home composting series, we look at the simple option of burying any organic material you want to be composted. This is how the makers of Bokashi EM suggest you finish their Bokashi treatment — simply bury the fermented (but not fully composted) organic materials. Come back in a month or two and you can dig up the finished compost.

You can also bury the raw organic material, though it will take longer to fully compost. The buried matter is broken down primarily by anaerobic bacteria, with the help of earthworms. Under average conditions, people usually expect it to finish in about six months to a year. The variables we discussed under cold compost all apply and the type of material you are composting makes a difference too. Woody or hard material will break down slower than softer materials. Smaller pieces will break down faster than larger pieces of the same material.

If you bury bones or spoiled food, animals may dig it up again. Other than that, there are no real restrictions on what types of organic material you use for buried compost — excepting the time factor, as noted. Bury large pieces of wood, and it may take decades to fully decompose.

One common technique using buried composting is rotation trenching. This method typically utilizes three parallel rows: one is a narrow trench with the dirt taken from it piled on one side, ready to be re-filled as compost is added. The second row is a typical garden crop, and the third row is a path, next to which is the next trench row, garden row, and another path, etc. The trench gets gradually filled with well chopped-up compostable materials, and the dirt taken from the trench is put back on top of the organic matter. Fresh compost locks up nitrogen and encourages fungi, so it is not a good place to grow plants until has had time to fully decay. So the trench is left for a year, then planted with a vegetable row. The former path becomes the next year’s trench, the planted row becomes a path.

If your compost is not working fast enough to support that system, simply reverse the order of row rotation — so the compost row becomes a path in the second year, the former path is used to plant your garden crop, and the former crop row becomes your new trench. That way the compost has two years to fully decompose before it is planted.

Advantages of Buried Compost:

Some work involved, but not much
Puts the compost right where it will be used
Encourages earthworm activity
Disadvantages of Buried Compost:

Slow composting
Creates areas where plants will not grow well (while it is working)


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An LED Wind Up Lantern is the Best Choice in Lanterns

An LED wind up lantern is an excellent choice in area lighting whether you intend to use it for camping or for illuminating a family room card game during a power outage. This type of lantern has many advantages over other types of lanterns due to its LED bulbs, the fact that it doesn’t need batteries, and that neither fuel or ventilation are required to use it.

Many lanterns and flashlight use incandescent bulbs. These bulbs have served their purpose for many years now – since the time of Edison, but it’s about time that they were retired. They are not very energy efficient, and they are quite fragile because of the filament.

Compare this to LED bulbs, which are both quite energy efficient and incredibly tough. They also have a long useable life, and it’s quite possible the LEDs in your lantern will outlive you. This makes them the best choice as far as lantern bulbs go.Image result for An LED Wind Up Lantern is the Best Choice in Lanterns

The wind up feature of an LED wind up lantern is also an excellent add-on to a normal lantern. While they do make some crank lanterns that don’t have batteries, it’s probably best that you purchase one with a rechargeable battery.

This gives you the best of both worlds – you can use the power of the rechargeable battery if you are able to, but the operation of your lantern is entirely dependent on those batteries. If you need light in an emergency, you might end up finding your battery powered flashlight completely drained.

Image result for An LED Wind Up Lantern is the Best Choice in LanternsIf you’ve got a wind up lantern, you just crank it for a minute or two, and you’ll have light for anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on its crank ratio.

Finally, unlike traditional lanterns, wind up lanterns don’t require fuel. A traditional lantern uses liquid fuel, fire, and a mantle to provide its light. This presents a number of problems, including the potential for fire, the need to use the lantern in open areas so you don’t breath in the CO2 it emits, and the fact that they can be kind of difficult to start.

Your wind up lantern only shares one of these traits, and that is that it too can be difficult to start due to the cranking, but it’s still quite a bit more safe and convenient to use than the traditional lantern.

Clearly, if you need a lantern, an LED wind up lantern with a rechargeable battery is going to be your best option. It avoids the problems of the other types of lanterns, improves upon many of the positives, and has few negatives.


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Solar Lights for Camping and Other Outdoor Activities

Solar Lights for Camping and Other Outdoor Activities

Image result for Solar Lights for Camping and Other Outdoor ActivitiesSolar energy is a safe, free, reliable and renewable power source that can be applied to almost any purpose. It works by collecting the sun’s energy during the day using solar panels attached to a device.

These solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that absorb the sun’s light. The energy is then stored and used to power your devices. This type of energy is ideal for camping and outdoor activities due to its portability.

Solar energy can make your outdoor experience much more enjoyable. It can be used for security purposes, to help you cook, to have a warm shower and for all your lighting needs. Solar lights for camping come in a variety of styles. Spot lights or floodlights are good for lighting up a large camping area.

You can add motion detectors to your lights for an extra level of security around your camp ground. Solar powered torches are available for a more portable option. Lanterns can be used to hang from trees or inside your tent for additional light. The best solar lights use LED bulbs which have a longer life span and consume less energy than traditional bulbs.

Image result for Solar Lights

Using solar energy in your outdoor activities goes far beyond just your lighting needs. There are many ways you can use solar power to make your outdoor activities much more pleasurable. Solar powered radios add some entertainment to your activities as well as being useful in emergency situations.

Solar ovens and cookers make preparing meals easy, with no electricity or fuel required. You can even have a hot shower with specially designed solar powered bags that heat the water for you. These solar options are particularly useful if you are camping in the one spot for longer periods of time.

Solar energy can also be used to power your electrical devices while out and about. A portable solar charger is a collection of solar panels that can be used to power your small electrical devices like cell phones, cameras, laptops and handheld games. These devices can add comfort and enjoyment, as well as safety, to your camping trip.


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